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Office and Commercial

Fully managed office and commercial interiors in Melbourne

We project manage design and installation

Time management is one of the biggest challenges in business. Lack of time can delay the growth of your business. Kerwin Interiors can manage your entire office redesign or renovation from start to end. Sarah has been managing interior design projects for over 20 years – she is known for getting things done on time! You can stay focussed on keeping your business running without any interruption.


“During the construction Sarah’s project management and attention to detail provided us with a completed office in the timeframe we required.”
Will Hamilton | Hamilton Wealth Management


Sarah has experience managing all components of office renovation projects including the initial design; CAD concept drawings; architectural drawings; liaison with the building surveyor; completing and submitting paperwork to obtain the building permit; liaison with the property manager/landlord; arranging quotes; and working with all contractors needed to get the job finished e.g. architects, builders, partition contractors, furniture removalists, electricians, plumbers, air conditioning contractors, fire services and painters. She can co-ordinate all compliance certificates when a project is finished and obtain the Certificate of Final Inspection.

Sarah can look after every detail for you or can simply lend a helping hand where you need.

Sarah Thiele measuring width of office desk


Functional office design

Workplaces have changed over recent years. There is less need for paper storage and more desk space is needed for computers, scanners, charging stations and other devices. The workforce has also changed. Gone are the days of everyone in the office working 9am-5pm every day. Functional workplace design now needs to cope with different numbers of people being in the office over the course of a week. Sarah will chat with you about your staff and the types of tasks they need to perform. A functional workspace often comes down to clever design and flexible storage solutions. Some simple office partitions could be the answer you need.

Are you struggling to fit everyone in the office? Sarah can make sure everyone has enough space in your new office fitout. A CAD drawing of your new layout will give you an idea of how your new space will work.


“I love the sit/stand desk and office furniture. The desk is fantastic and I usually have it in ‘stand’ position when not in use, so when I have quick things to do on the computer it is quite convenient to just stand there for a few minutes to complete the task.”
Joely Taylor, PhD, ELS, AE   | Well Writ


Sarah can help you choose stylish sunscreen roller blinds for your office. No more squinting because of the glare on computer screens – your office will be practical and stylish.

Sarah works with all types of businesses – from small business owners, to commercial clients and large legal and accounting firms. She can help freshen up a single meeting room or reception area. Functional office design can improve the workflow of all office environments.

Sarah will show you that functional design is only a phone call away.


“Sarah has been exceptional in her service to us. She measured our office, made the appropriate recommendations, delivered the furniture, and it all fitted perfectly, almost like a jigsaw. Her attention to detail is outstanding!”
Sonia Turkovic   | Financial Stability P/L

 Stylish solutions

Functional design doesn’t need to be boring. Colour can often transform a room and can be used to create a welcoming space for your customers. Sarah can help you choose the right colours and fabrics to match your company brand and market. You’ll be spoilt for choice with 50 commercial Laminex colours, as well as a wide range of Polytec products and timber veneers.

Smooth office relocations across Victoria

Keep your business running while you move. Sarah can look after all the logistics for a smooth office relocation. She can arrange a removalist, liaise with any subcontractors and make sure your furniture is perfectly positioned in your new office. You just need to switch the new lights on and you’ll be up and running again.

Moving into a leased room can be challenging. It might not be designed with your choice of colour or furnishings. Sarah can show you how to inject your own style into a leased space.


“Sarah coordinated our business renovating and interior design allowing us to move from one location to another within a period a month. She then has undertaken all of the design and sourcing of major furniture and office equipment and linked us up with important tradespeople who have been important resources for our business. Her ability to solve large and small infrastructure issues is exceptional.   She is not only a joy to work with, but it has saved us significant cost, time and headaches.”
Anna Menichelli  | Behaviour Work Group