Commercial Case Study

Your dream office can be a reality when you collaborate with a dedicated team.

Needing to get your business up and running whilst getting an office space designed and built from an empty shell is a daunting task.

Having someone to work with you through the design, build, supply and installation process means you can get on with your core business.

We assisted in finding a suitable location, then collaborated closely with the client on the design to make the space work for them. We worked with the Architect on the design/layout and with the Building Surveyor to ensure the space was both compliant and met the requirements of the Building Property Management. When then engaged a local Builder and dedicated contractors.

The fun part was then to provide options for the colours, finishes and suitable furniture. Throughout the whole project we managed the day to day tasks, liaised with the client, builder and contractors when required and ensured we kept to the plan of getting the office to the final handover on time.



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Right on the scheduled date the client moved into their new office space ready to grow their business.

The client has a space fully customised to their specific requirements with their individual look and style. We developed a relationship and understood what was important to the client and continue with work with them as their needs alter and to accommodate their business growth.

You can’t do everything when getting a business up and running, so engage with a dedicated team who can work with you every step of the way to bring your dream to reality.​