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Working from home can be great, but it comes with its own challenges

You need an environment that enhances your productivity, creativity, and overall well-being  and also fits with the rest of your home and lifestyle.

Your existing working area at home just isn’t up to scratch.

Maybe it is not productive, not private or not ergonomic.

Because it’s your home, you need an area that can be multi-purpose. You need something that looks better/fits better than what you can find “off-the-shelf”.

You always seem to need more storage, either for your “home” stuff or your “work” stuff. Even your growing kids need a purpose built study space. Your needs may be as small as one chair or a couple of blinds to block the sun, or as complicated as a full renovation of your home office, including built-in cabinetry.

Let Kerwin Interiors create the work areas for you, your partner and your children that meets everyone’s needs.

What can we do for you?

Kerwin Interiors can handle these things for you:

  • Full project management of all aspects of the design and fitout that you need.
  • Furniture styles, textures, fabrics and colour schemes coordinated to blend with the rest of your home décor and vibe.
  • A choice of standard sizing, or custom-designed furniture which exactly meets your home’s unique situation.
  • We have long standing relationships with all our suppliers, trades and contractors and you can rest assured of their quality and professionalism.

If working on your kitchen table has had its day, or you want to improve your current home office, talk to us about making it happen.

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What people are saying…

We used Kerwin Interiors to provide us with a complete home office and storage solution within our family home. We needed something that would work well in the space AND work well for a range of ages and needs AND look great. Sarah was an absolute delight to work with and her attention to detail throughout the design and installation phases enabled a fantastic outcome for us. I highly recommend them. Thank you Kerwin and thank you Sarah!

Sam Carroll

Just thought I would send you a note to let you know how much I love the sit/stand desk and office furniture. The desk is fantastic and I usually have it in ‘stand’ position when not in use, so when my husband and I have quick things to do on the computer it is quite convenient to just stand there for a few minutes to complete the task. Thanks again for your wonderful service and fantastic recommendations for the furniture.

Joely Taylor, PhD, ELS, AE | Well Writ – Writing and editing for science and government