Medical Case Study

Your practice can be transformed when you work with an experienced team.

Our client had a unique challenge to renovate their busy heath practice in a period residential house while keeping the practice open 5½ days per week from 7am to 7pm.

Together we split the work into bite-size achievable chunks and a project plan was agreed. They needed to update the client facing areas to be more functional and appealing and their admin area to be more functional to increase staff productivity.

While the renovation took longer than if the practice had been fully closed for 2 weeks, by careful design and planning with our dedicated contractors we were able to tackle one consulting room at a time in conjunction with the administration and general areas.

This approach minimised any disruption.




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Incredibly positive feedback was received from the health practice’s clients to the new design and feel of the practice.

Both the medical and practice staff had more organised work areas and dedicated storage (enabling them to streamline their workflow).  They were relieved that a situation that had appeared way too difficult to achieve had finally happened with a fantastic result.

With strategic project management and open communication, your practice renovation can be relatively painless with results that take you on a journey from a business problem to a positive solution.​