Education Case Study

Administrative and specialised areas within a school need dedicated solutions.

Our client had just moved into a new building where the classrooms were ready for the students but the administrative and staff areas still needed to be fitted out.

Schools are forever having to adapt to the changing needs of education while building and maintaining their facilities within a tight budget.


This school was looking for a team that could understand what they were trying to achieve but also to just pull the project together so they could concentrate on the educational needs of their students.

We worked with the Principal, Business Manager and other key decision makers to design:

  • offices,
  • a meeting room,
  • a wellness space,
  • customised storage
  • and the staff room.

Sourcing from local suppliers we provided items that were fit for purpose now but could also be reorganised in the future as their needs altered.

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Furniture was supplied that was robust & flexible whilst adding some colour and style to the areas.

By sourcing locally the timeline to get the new items was decreased and they moved into the spaces sooner than expected. We provided a full service from design to delivery and project managed the process every step of the way.

Work with a team that understands your varied projects and can deliver on time and within your budget.